About Us
University of Minnesota Physicians is a premier multi-specialty physician organization dedicated to providing quality patient-focused care. Our group medical practice is made up of physicians who are also faculty members at the University of Minnesota Medical School. The Medical School's research facilities and teaching resources combined with the clinical practice provide us the platform to specialize in breakthroughs.

Founded in 1997, we are an independent not-for-profit organization, governed by a board of directors. Today we currently number more than 650 physicians and over 1,000 health professionals and other staff, working across disciplines in primary care and specialty care areas.

We provide comprehensive care for patients of all ages, and pride ourselves on our interdisciplinary practice model. This allows our physicians to share their expertise and develop a care plan for each individual patient. Outpatient services are located primarily on the University of Minnesota campus in the Phillips-Wangensteen Building or Riverside campus. For inpatient care, our physicians are staffed at University of Minnesota Medical Center, a division of Fairview, and other affiliated hospitals.

Better patient care is our goal. We're committed to providing high-quality clinical care by embracing the research and educational endeavors of the University of Minnesota Medical School which allows us to continue making significant advances in medicine.

Mission, Vision and Values Statement


University of Minnesota Physicians (UMPhysicians) serves as the integrated group practice for the University of Minnesota Medical School full-time faculty to provide the highest quality health care to patients and their families.


UMPhysicians will develop the clinical practice and environment that supports faculty and staff as clinical role models and mentors.


University of Minnesota Physicians provides quality clinical care through excellence in research, education, and the discovery of medical breakthroughs. All founded on a collaborative culture that is respectful and benefits our patients, employees, and the community we serve.

UMPhysicians values a culture of Service, Innovation, and Respect. Service We are emotionally and intellectually dedicated to improving the lives of our patients.


We are emotionally and intellectually dedicated to improving the lives of our patients.


We search for new knowledge by being open minded, inquisitive, creative, and collaborative.


We value each person, and treat each other with dignity and respect.


Academic Medicine and the Power of Partnership


Academic medicine grants public access to new academic knowledge that greatly improves the quality of health care and patients' lives. It does so through the fulfillment of three integrated, interdependent missions:


to achieve medical breakthroughs; to educate each new generation of physicians; and through these physicians, to bring that new knowledge to patients with critical, complex illnesses that can be treated only with breakthrough therapies.

In Minnesota, academic medicine is embodied in the partnership between the University of Minnesota and Fairview Health Services. The University achieves medical breakthroughs. But to truly make a difference, these discoveries must be applied. And the more rapidly and broadly they can be applied, the more new therapies and cures can reach those in need -- saving lives and improving health.




The partnership, formed in 1997, includes:


the six schools and colleges within the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center (Medical School, School of Public Health, School of Nursing, College of Pharmacy, School of Dentistry, and College of Veterinary Medicine) that educate and train the next generation of researchers, physicians, and other health care professionals; University of Minnesota Physicians, a 700-member group practice that includes members of the Medical School's faculty who apply clinical breakthroughs to exceptional specialty care for patients at the University hospitals and clinics and throughout the community; and Fairview Health Services, which owns and operates the University hospitals and provides a continuum of care—from its community-based hospitals and clinics to the breakthrough treatments available at University of Minnesota Medical Center, and University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital.

This coalescence of basic and applied science is what sets the University-Fairview partnership apart: an academic institution devoted to discovery joining forces with a broad base of community hospitals whose patients need the best the brightest research minds can offer. Through this clinical network, the benefits of this academic-medicine partnership extend throughout the region in many cases, with worldwide impact. Indeed, since the partnership began nearly a decade ago, University of Minnesota Medical Center, has achieved several world firsts in living-donor transplantation and stem-cell therapeutics, and members of the partnership have discovered and applied breakthrough treatments in a wide variety of specialties.





Our employee benefits are flexible, comprehensive and competitive. Employees choose the benefits that work best for them and their family from a range of benefits that cover basic needs such as health and dental care to more specialized options such as vision care and supplemental life insurance. Our benefits are competitive with those of other health care employers in the Twin Cities. News The most recent news from UMPhysicians can be found at http://www.umphysicians.umn.edu/aboutus/news.


University of Minnesota Physicians 720 Washington Ave S E Minneapolis, MN 55414 Please apply online at http://www.umphysicians.umn.edu/careers.