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Western Refining is dedicated to fueling the lives of our customers, by supplying them with products that move them, fly them, feed them, and improve their lives. In fact, we have likely impacted you and you didn’t even know it. We are looking for candidates who are interested in more than standard jobs, we want people who care about our community and want to make a difference.


At Western Refining, our people are our most important resource. Whether you are looking for your first job or interested in advancing your career, Western Refining offers you the tools, resources and hands on experience that will take you to the next level. We are a diverse company employing people from all walks of life, in a variety of divisions throughout our organization.



St. Paul Park Refinery (St. Paul Park, MN)

The St. Paul Park refinery (SPPR) occupies approximately 170 acres along the Mississippi River southeast of St. Paul Park, Minnesota and was originally built in 1939.

The refinery was acquired by Ashland Oil, Inc. in 1970 from Northwestern Refining, was jointly owned by Ashland Oil, Inc. and Marathon from 1998 through 2005 and became fully owned by Marathon in 2005 until acquired by a Northern Tier Energy subsidiary in 2010. Western Refining became the owner when it merged with Northern Tier in June 2016.

SPPR is a 90,500 barrel per day cracking facility with operations including crude fractionation, catalytic cracking, hydrotreating, reforming, alkylation, sulfur recovery and a hydrogen plant operations.

The refinery’s strategic location allows direct access, primarily via the Minnesota Pipeline, to what the Company believes are abundant supplies of advantaged crude oils. The complexity of refinery operations allows it to process a variety of light, heavy, sweet and sour crudes into higher value refined products.

Of the crude oil processed at the refinery in the years ended December 31, 2014, 2013 and 2012, approximately 37%, 50% and 47%, respectively, was Canadian crude oil and the remainder primarily comprising light sweet crude oil from the Bakken Shale in North Dakota.

The broad slate of refined products produced at the refinery includes gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and asphalt, which are then marketed to resellers and consumers primarily throughout the Midwestern United States.

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