What's it like to work at Room & Board? Here are the core principles that guide us each day.

Serving the Customer

Customers remember people. That's why the foundation of our business is built on relationships—those that we foster with each other and with our customer. We start with a common goal—to create a great experience for our customer in every interaction they have with us. No matter what your role, your creative, genuine approach to enhancing the customer experience sets us apart.

Let Respect Guide Your Actions

Respect shapes our environment and it is the cornerstone of a healthy business. We speak often of respectful relationships with our customers, our vendors and certainly respect for one another as co-workers.

Find Your Life's Work

There is great fulfillment and productivity to be gained when you truly love your work. At Room & Board we seek out those who enjoy retail/design and distribution environments and are looking for a long-term employment relationship. All roles at Room & Board provide meaningful work with broad authority and accountability, where everyone can flourish.


Sustainability, in Room & Board terms is complex, interconnected and holistic. It is being socially, economically and environmentally responsible. We all share this one world and each of us should make deliberate and responsible decisions to protect it.

Living and Working

We strive for 40-hour workweeks by encouraging staff members to work smarter, not longer hours. Our staff members are trusted to achieve that balance while ensuring they meet the expectations the company has of them. We believe this holistic approach to work and life rejuvenates us all.


We recognize that each of our staff members brings a unique set of life experiences to Room & Board and we value the diversity of our staff members.