ADAPT is a leader in the survey processing industry with over 31 years of experience.  We currently process over 8 million surveys a year for more than 100 different Market Research companies. Our goal at ADAPT is to make the researcher's life easier. We accomplish this by offering a "one-stop-shop" approach for handling the labor intensive portions of a study. We leave the study design and data analysis to the highly trained research professional. 

ADAPT offers services in image scanning, comment coding, verbatim transcription, inbound mail, survey check-in, tape transcription, data entry, survey printing and tabulation.

Our success and growth have been the result of 3 basic principles that each and every associate at ADAPT is committed to. They are: 1. We absolutely, 100% of the time meet deadlines. Our customers know they can count on us, and this is the fundamental reason for our success. 2. Quality- The outputs we supply to our customers are the most accurate in the industry.   3. Customer Service- No matter how big or how small your request is, ADAPT will accommodate them quickly and happily.