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Mar 07, 2012
Apr 06, 2012
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J2EE Sr. Softwre Developer (ITS 3)

Seeking a highly skilled  Technical Analyst JaveEE Sr Developer who will be responsible for the development, implementation, and maintenance activities of enterprise software application systems of the Minnesota State College and Universities.  Position’s responsibilities cover a wide range of administrative and public-facing applications in student, finance and core application areas.  It carries responsibility for the most complex mission-critical legacy applications in MnSCU.

Job Description: Responsible for the development and implementation of enterprise software systems for Minnesota State College and Universities. This position?s responsibilities encompass a wide range of administrative and public-facing web applications in student, finance and core application areas.

Minimum Qualifications:
-At least 3 years experience in J2EE software development in a business or educational environment.
-Extensive experience and knowledge of programming languages, frameworks and techniques for use in development of web based applications.
-Ability to work independently as well as in a collaborative team environment.
-Relational database concepts & structures.

Preferred Qualifications:
-Understanding of the principles of application security and of how to apply those principles to coding and testing practices. Understanding of the critical nature of security in a web environment. Experience with security assessment tools.
-Understanding of the different components of the system architecture in which an application is deployed, including the server software environments, the database and file systems, and networking concepts
-Experience with Agile development methodologies
-Experience with software testing tools and methodologies
-Bachelors degree in information technology or related field
-Experience with Oracle databases.

How to Apply:

The selection process is a resume-based, skill-matching process. Your resume will be entered into a database. The software program matches your skills with the skills needed to perform the duties of the position. If your skills match the required skills for this position, the department may contact you. 

  If you are interested and you believe you qualify, please locate our online job posting by using the State of Minnesota's Employment site at: http://www.careers.state.mn.us/ and search for:

Job Grouping: Information Technology Department: 

MN St Colleges & Universities

Posting Number: 12MNSC000099

Location : St. Cloud / Waite Park

Application deadline is March 28, 2012  No late applications will be considered. Please submit your resume and application online per the instructions in the individual job postings.

The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities System is an Equal Opportunity employer and educator.