Used Car Manager

394 Hyundai
Apr 13, 2012
May 13, 2012
Employment Status
Full Time

The Used Car Manager is responsible for the daily sales activity, managing customer relationships, day-today-management of the Sales Consultant team, and used car inventory.

Job Duties/Accountabilities:

  • Help lead the Buy Happy Sales team through follow-up on the process, assisting with customer concerns, and managing Sales Consultant performance
  • Responsible for driving profitability of the used car department – achieving sales goals, pricing of used vehicles, and acquisition of used vehicles.
  • Ensuring customer follow-up through day-to-day management of the Sales team.
  • Maintain a balanced vehicle inventory.
  • Assist the GM in the facilitation of sales meetings, provide on the job training to Sales people, and coordinate vehicle deliveries with the Service Manager.
  • Manage the reconditioning of vehicles on the lot and show floor to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Education and Experience:

  • College degree in Business Administration, Business Management or a Related Field
  • 3+ years of automotive management experience
  • Proven track record in desking and closing deals 

Key Competencies

  • Ability to maintain a level of professionalism and maintain confidentiality in sensitive situations.
  • Verbal and written communication skills
  • Professional personal presentation
  • Attention to detail, organizing and planning


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