Regency Hospital of Minneapolis, A Select Company, is hiring for the following positions:

Physical Therapist

Join our interdisciplinary rehabilitation team and leverage your skills, knowledge and experience as a Physical Therapist. Integrating your independent judgment, critical thinking skills and innovative solutions you will provide diagnostics and treatment to a medically complex caseload. The successful candidate will possess MN Physical Therapist License and Basic Life Support CPR certification.

• Hours: Full-time PT to work Mon-Fri 7:00am-3:30pm

• Hours: Full-time PT to work Fri-Mon 7:00am-5:30pm

• Hours: Per Diem PT to work 2 weekends a month

Telemetry Technician

The Telemetry Technician assumes responsibility for watching the Telemetry monitors continuously. Identifies basic and lethal rhythms, maintains EKG monitor alarms on, and responds to all alarms and immediately notifies licensed nurses of significant change, condition or rhythm. Runs EKG strips every shift as well as provides an initial EKG interpretation including: rate, rhythm, PR, QRS, QTc, ST segment and T wave alterations. Monitors other alarms (pulse-ox) and call lights as requested. Prior EKG experience, EKG training, and current Basic Life Support CPR certification required.

• Hours: Full-time Night Shift

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