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Bloomington, MN, 55420
Nov 15, 2012
Feb 19, 2013
Employment Status
Full Time
Project Manager

Job ID:: 25075
Department:: GH S&B for ICSI
City:: Bloomington, MN
Location:: HP - Bloomington ICSI
Position Type:: Full-Time
Anticipated Work Schedule:: M-F, 8-5
Hrs/Pay Period:: 80

Job Description::


The primary responsibility of this position is to lead collaborative initiatives and projects focused on the Triple Aim of achieving substantial improvement in the health of populations, the experience of care, and affordability by reducing per capita costs of health care. These initiatives and projects involve a broad group of organizations, including ICSI’s member medical groups and hospitals, ICSI’s health plan sponsors, and a broad variety of health care and non-health care organizations across Minnesota and neighboring states. Project Managers have the following responsibilities for planning and executing projects for which they have been assigned the lead role.

* Independently develop strategies and tactics needed to accomplish project goals;

* Maintain awareness of issues that could affect the project by cultivating strong relationships with key participants;

* Take initiative to address issues with all participants, regardless of their affiliation, that could affect the project, consulting with the Team Manager when necessary;

* Provide Team Manager with frequent updates and consult with Team Manager when higher level intervention may be needed to keep project on track and meet stakeholder expectations;

* Serve as a spokesperson for the project and clearly articulate the project vision, purpose and goals to participants and other interested parties;

* Direct the development of work plans and provide day-to-day management to staff assigned to the project;

* Recruit participants for the project, including members of steering committees and work groups, member and sponsor teams, speakers, content experts, and consultants;

* Manage the use of speakers, content experts, education programs, consultants and other resources within the limits of the financial and staffing resources dedicated to the project;

* Manage the development of pertinent measures and the processes for collecting, analyzing and reporting data needed to determine whether the project is attaining its goals;

* Provide in a timely manner all reports and information required to meet requirements of grants and contracts;

* Direct the development of agendas, communications, materials, etc. necessary for the functioning of steering and sub-committees, work groups and teams;

* Lead and facilitate meeting discussions and presentations;

* Direct assessments of progress being made by participants and determine how ICSI will provide assistance.

In addition to leading assigned projects, Project Managers will be called upon to develop plans for potential new project proposals and provide staff support for projects led by other Project Managers.

This position is also responsible for providing project support, facilitation and analysis necessary to support the wide variety of programs and services offered by ICSI. Specific assignments and areas of responsibility for each person who holds this position will be drawn from these lists and will vary from person to person.

* Design and execute programs in a manner that supports the strategic vision of ICSI.

* Develop, update and implement program components (work plans, revision processes, new technologies, change management strategies, documentation used in the process) necessary for effective, efficient functioning of the assigned program.

* Develop and/or deliver new programs and products that meet the needs of ICSI members and sponsors and have the potential to be marketed by the Professional Partnerships division.

* Lead team responsible for developing and monitoring processes for various programs of ICSI, such as Scientific Documents and Member Relations.

* Orient new staff to the program and provide staff training and mentoring.

* Coordinate planning and execution of core commitment cycle as well as ongoing assessment and tracking of all member requirements.

* Coordinate the program for provisional members from new member orientation through Board approval for regular membership.

* Develop and deliver instruction on how to organize and conduct a quality improvement program for use in the Cultivating Quality Series of workshops provided to new and interested members of ICSI

* Serve assigned member organizations as the primary ICSI contact and resource on clinical systems improvement, advising and assisting them in meeting requirements for continued membership in ICSI.

* Ensure documentation of accounts of significant improvement initiatives by members.

* Coordinate the recruitment of participants for scientific document work groups, steering committees and other ICSI activities.

* Effectively manage all aspects of the scientific document development and revision process for multiple work groups and provide direction to the coordinators assisting with this work.

* Provide direction for developing pertinent measures for scientific documents.

* Develop course content and deliver selected education and training courses.

* Identify, prioritize and select education and training courses for ICSI programs and projects.

* Develop improvement resources (instruction materials, tools and resources) for use by members and others.

* Serve as a consultant for selected engagements under the auspices and direction of the Professional Partnerships division.

In addition, Project Managers have the following general responsibilities:

* Bring forward to the Team Manager strategic ideas for changes and improvements to the program for consideration in the operating plan.

* Actively support the Professional Partnerships division’s mission by sharing with appropriate Professional Partnerships’ staff the best practices, ideas and methods being used by organizations in ICSI’s service area.

* Participate in various internal meetings as needed.

* Assume other duties as assigned by the Team Manager and Vice President, Clinical Products and Strategic Initiatives.


1. Bachelor’s degree, preferably in a health care field (such as nursing, health care administration, or public health), training or organization development. Graduate training or equivalent in one of these disciplines preferred.

2. Demonstrated strong interpersonal, project management, oral and written communication skills.

3. Four or more years experience in a healthcare setting. This should include experience in any of the following: care delivery, health care quality improvement, health information technology, health care measurement and data collection, health plan operations, public health.

4. Two or more years experience in consultative roles (either internal or external) such as a consultant, coach, or trainer within a health care setting (medical groups, health plans, public health, etc.). Five or more years of experience preferred.

5. Demonstrated skills communicating how to transform evidence-based practice into clinic implementation across a variety of settings such as health care systems, health plans, employer groups, community organizations, etc.

6. Knowledge of and experience applying Block’s model and methods of consulting preferred.

7. Five or more years of demonstrated advanced project management and change management experience.

8. Demonstrated advanced group process and group facilitation skills.

9. Demonstrated extensive knowledge of and experience applying quality improvement principles and methods.

10. Demonstrated ability to work effectively with physicians, nurses and others who serve in leadership roles.

Reports to: Director

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