Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

Security Officer

Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
Nov 21, 2012
Dec 12, 2012
Employment Status
Full Time



Performs security related duties and provides guest service involving the general facilities and properties, as well as assists in the protection of various company assets. Deals with safety issues for the overall protection of team members and guests including responding to all emergencies. 


  1. Six months proven direct guest service experience.
  2. High School graduate or GED.
  3. Ability to communicate and comprehend basic information and ideas in spoken and written English so others will understand.
  4. Must be able to pass basic math skills and reading comprehension test


  5. Must pass a back screen examination and be able to lift 40 lbs.

  6. Must be physically capable to repeatedly climb stairs, stand for long periods of time, and walk 5 to 10 miles per shift.


  1. Performs post duty on various locations within properties. Checks guest identification as needed.
  2. Escorts team members carrying monetary assets exceeding prescribed amount. Informs Surveillance of such escorts.
  3. Assists Hard Count Cashiers in transporting coin and currency within the casino by clearing traffic and providing escort.
  4. Delivers chip buys and credit to and from Blackjack pits. Verifies chip amounts match paperwork for various tables within the pit.
  5. Provides general patrol of interior and perimeter of facilities and properties.  Checks for unusual occurrences and resolves or reports such occurrences to Security Supervisors.
  6. Distributes playing cards to Blackjack pits. Collects playing cards used by the Blackjack pits for disposal.  
  7. Verifies that all paperwork are accurate and in compliance with applicable policies.  Disposes of cards as appropriate.
  8. Collects cash and cash-equivalents from Blackjack drops and delivers to Soft Count. Verifies all paperwork for accuracy.
  9. Provides information, direction, and assistance to all guests and team members. 
  10. Responds to emergency situations including medical, severe weather, fires, thefts, assaults, bomb threats, evacuations as directed, physical or verbal conflicts, and criminal activities.  Reports or resolves medical occurrences and provides first aid as necessary.