St. Paul, MN
Dec 06, 2012
Dec 19, 2012
Employment Status
Full Time

THE MINNESOTA DFL PARTY The Minnesota DFL Party is now accepting applications for the following job. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and list of references, and a Voluntary Self-Identification form (Optional) by postal or electronic mail to: 

Corey Day

 Executive Director

Minnesota DFL Party

255 East Plato Boulevard

St. Paul, MN 55107-1623

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, December 19th

Title:  Communications Director

Status:  Full-time employment.

Minimum Qualifications:   An applicant must have at least these qualifications and, except in an extraordinary case, will not be considered without them:

  1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent practical experience;
  2. Mastery of the English language - style, usage, grammar, punctuation, and syntax;
  3.  Membership in the DFL Party (or the Democratic Party in another state); and
  4. A properly insured vehicle for travel around the state as necessary.

Preferred Qualifications:  These additional qualifications, while not absolutely essential, are highly preferred, and will significantly bolster an application:

  1. Experience in communications either (a) as paid staff or as a titled volunteer on a campaign for public office; or (b) as staff for a party organization or a coordinated campaign; or (c) as paid staff or as a titled volunteer for a newspaper or other periodical, a television or radio station, or a comparable media outlet.

Diversity:  The DFL Party encourages the participation in its leadership of the many diverse groups within the Party.  The Minnesota DFL Party is an equal-opportunity employer.

Organization:  The Communications Director leads the Communications Team, and reports to the Executive Director (and, through the Executive Director, to the State Chair).

Compensation:  Commensurate with experience.

Duties:  The Communications Director will:

  1. Develop long- and short-term media-based strategies for getting the Party's candidates elected, supporting them as elected officials, and anticipating, deflecting, and responding to attacks upon them or upon the Party;
  2.  Advise the officers, staff, and party units about communications strategy;
  3. Work with the National Party, congressional and legislative caucuses, other elected officials, endorsed candidates, candidates seeking the endorsement, and party units on framing and delivering a consistent message from the Party to the public;
  4.  Deliver the Party's message through the media to the public by means of (a) well-organized press conferences, (b) carefully written and fact-checked media releases, (c) strong relationships with political reporters and Minnesota media, (d) letters to the editor, (e) blog entries, and (f) other appropriate vehicles;
  5.  Develop, maintain, and regularly update the Party's website;
  6.  Develop value-based and issue-based literature that party units and candidates can distribute;
  7.  Communicate regularly and frequently with activists through electronic newsletters, broadcast electronic mail, and the website;
  8.  Train activists, party leaders, candidates, and elected officials about framing the Party's values, growing our message skills, communicating with the media and the public, and using new technologies for delivering a strong, positive message;
  9.  Compile and organize opposition research about other political parties' candidates, prospective candidates, and elected officials;
  10. Manage communications for the Party's governing bodies, including the State Convention, State Central Committee, State Executive Committee, and their commissions and committees;
  11.  Write or edit correspondence and other written communications from the officers and other staff; and
  12.  Perform such other duties as the State Chair or Executive Director assigns.

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