Commercial Video Art Editor

Mendota Heights
Dec 06, 2012
Jan 05, 2013
Job Type
Employment Status
Part Time


Communicate our products and connecting our brand by helping people gain the knowledge and find the products to get the job done. This is a unique and exciting opportunity for someone with video production and editing experience. This creative person will develop visual art in coordinating with other team members to create online video content efficiently.

We are seeking a new media production professional, the efficient handler of time and resources and handling all things needed to complete the project from start to finish. The position requires a wide range of skills bringing Content and creativity together while building relationships with customers by  presenting passionate and engaging videos. Focus is on product launch, comparison shopping, on-air personality, customer testimonials, demonstrations, and product highlights that are engaging, interesting, and knowledgeable.

 Major areas of accountability:

Visual and Sound Artist

  • Work independently and collaboratively to work from conception and writing, to story-board creative video communications.
  • Work on product video for use online (YouTube)
  • Coordinate the production of high quality [audio - video - media] in the field or studio, including managing film shoots and still photographs.
  • Plan and arrange interviews, locations, on-air talent for video production. Consulting with clients to update and approve scripts.


  • Select graphics, music, sound and motion effects for assigned productions. Select and combine the most effective shots for maximum product feature benefit.
  • Assemble raw material into finished video product suitable for HD online posting. Generate final product for clients including creating DVD's, uploading to social media sites, and posting to staging sites for review.
  • Post videos, photos, and multimedia project to the internet
  • Catalog and organize video materials and ensure digital audio and video files are properly stored and backed up


  • Help with on-air productions as main or fill in personality
  • Bring talent and energy to the front of the camera
  • Connect with people and engage customers with knowledge and interesting presentations


  • Perform duties of video cameraman and editor, working directly with subjects, products, and locations.
  • Oversee and execute all video post-production including creative editing, color correction, sound mixing, motion graphics, and voice over recordings.


  • A bachelor's degree in video production or related field and at least two years in producing HD video communications for online, TV, or other presentation, or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.
  • Demonstrated experience and expertise in Premier Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Vegas, QuickTime Pro, Non-Linear Editing software (Final Cut Pro Studio and Adobe Creative Suite), and Illustrator.
  • Familiar with high-end audio video equipment and set up; proficient in lighting techniques
  • Extensive knowledge of both traditional and digital film equipment and technology including appropriate uses for different types of cameras and lighting equipment, current video codec's and compression technology, file formats and digital file optimization for file size, optimization for different screens (e.g., monitor vs. television), and using video on the web
  • Demonstrated ability to organize a story and produce engaging video pieces
  • Ability to incorporate music and animation into video
  • Experience in video digital archival systems
  • Working knowledge of social media (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo)
  • Basic understanding of marketing tools and tactics
  • Must be comfortable in both field and studio assignments

25-35 Hrs per week
Company in Business Over 80 Years