Business Analyst I

Golden Valley, MN
Salaried postion - $50K-$60K annually, plus benefits
Dec 20, 2012
Jan 19, 2013
Job Type
Employment Status
Full Time


Augusoft, Inc. is the leading technology provider of web-based software products and services for continuing education programs.  We provide an exciting, challenging and rewarding work environment that encourages personal growth.  Our software, Lumens, provides an integrated product suite which allows community education, continuing and adult education non-credit programs to process online registrations and manage day-to-day business operations.

Augusoft is looking for an energetic, highly motivated individual to join the software development team to assess needs/ideas and document solutions.   Requires Use Case methodology, wire frame design and technical writing experience, excellent verbal, written communication skills, strong computer aptitude.  Basic web programming knowledge helpful.  Experience with non-credit education course management systems preferred.


  • Work closely with the Lumens Product Manager to ensure compliance with Augusoft's requirements definition practices - employing Use Case methodology.
  • Work with internal resources and customers to gather business requirements, design product upgrades, and write highly detailed Use Case documentation for Lumens software enhancements which will be used as the programming guide by developers.
  • Lead design sessions in prototyping new systems for the purpose of enhancing business processes, operations, and information process flow.
  • Creatively design screens to accompany Use Case documentation using graphical software solutions.
  • Lead or participate in Product Advisory Boards to define business requirements and systems goals, and identify and resolve business systems issues.  Work with individual customers to define requirements for customization requests, and upon analysis, present recommended solutions to the customer.
  • Work and meet with the software development staff to ensure their understanding of software development specifications.
  • As new features are developed and delivered by the developers, assist with the testing of new product enhancements.
  • Assist in the training of Augusoft staff in the effective use of new Lumens features.
  • Review and analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems and develop strategies for improving or further leveraging these systems.
  • Assist Marketing department in creating effective and accurate product documentation.
  • Work productively to meet agreed upon project deadlines and budgets.
  • As needed, assist in the creation of software training materials to be used by Customer Service.
  • Participate in meetings to review projects, issues, timelines, etc.
  • Continually listen, observe, learn, question, suggest, challenge (respectfully), teach...

Augusoft Core Values:

Augusoft employees living Augusoft’s core values is critical to Augusoft’s success. The following are Augusoft’s Core Values.

Succeed together

  • loyal to lifelong learning industry, Augusoft and each other
  • passionately focused on a common goal
  • positive outlook and approach…work hard, have fun, and enjoy life

Augusoft will continue to succeed and grow if we as employees of Augusoft work together, as well as working with and for our clients. Our “bread and butter” is the lifelong learning industry and we must focus our efforts on the common goal of providing the industry a best practice-based and technologically advanced and cutting edge software system. Although hard work is required, we must work smart but have fun improving Lumens and growing Augusoft.

Do what you say

  • responsible for actions and promises
  • thorough and conscientious deliberation
  • MIH…Make It Happen

Honesty is the best policy, so we must be honest with ourselves and our clients. Each of us is responsible for the promises we make and the actions we take, which require thoughtful and comprehensive reflection and planning. If we are to remain a leader in the lifelong learning field, daily we must “Make It Happen” for each other, our clients, and Augusoft.

Reach for the moon

  • innovative leaders not followers
  • always learning, always growing
  • knowledgeable and timely solutions

We will not remain the leader if we rest on our laurels. Augusoft must persist to be the leader with innovation and solutions-based service, messages, and actions. The Augusoft Team must be lifelong learners, growing our intellectual capital, as well as our knowledge of the lifelong learning field. Remaining three years ahead of our clients is critical.

Make customers our nucleus

  • exceed expectations
  • growth dependent on customer participation
  • everything is possible

We exist because of our clients and each day we must do everything we can to exceed their expectations. Without our clients we will not grow and their involvement in setting future direction is imperative. If we listen to our clients and use our expertise and knowledge to service their needs, our clients will grow and so will Lumens and Augusoft.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Bachelor's Degree or equivalent work experience
  • 1-2 year’s experience in software requirements analysis and documentation
  • Knowledge and experience in Use Case methodology
  • Ability to communicate professionally in person, by phone and email
  • Ability to cultivate positive working relationships with customers
  • Clear, concise and accurate writing style
  • Analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Knowledge of browser technology and using web-based applications
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office products – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint



  • Salaried position
  • 401k company match
  • Voluntary short-term/long-term disability
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Lifelong learning class benefits
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Onsite exercise facility

In order to be considered for this position please send resume and salary requirements - you must reference the position title, Business Analyst I, in the subject line.  Please send resumes as Word attachments.  Augusoft is an equal opportunity employer.