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Employment Counselor

This job is no longer available

Tuesday, February 5, 2013
Thursday, March 7, 2013
St. Paul, MN
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HIRED’s mission is to provide personalized and innovative work solutions. HIRED is known in the Twin Cities for our ability to effectively manage scores of public and private contracts, including those for youth programs. We work with the state, county and city governments, in addition to local school districts, the juvenile justice system, and a wide variety of other community-based agencies to provide programs for adults and youth facing a variety of personal and economic challenges. We operate HIRED programs in four counties and we provide outreach at a center for homeless youth. We are proud of our work on behalf of adults and youth who are trying to improve their lives through economic self-sufficiency.

HIRED is looking for self-motivated individuals that possess the drive to fulfill this mission. We seek team players, who enjoy working with clients and staff, detail oriented and organize, that have follow through and want to have fun in their job.

POSITION TITLE: Employment Counselor – Ramsey County MFIP Young Adult Program
LOCATION:  St. Paul, MN 

1. Responsible for the case management, employment counseling and coordination of career and support services for enrolled program participants seeking reemployment and/or economic self sufficiency.
2. Responsible for a designated caseload while meeting all critical performance goals including position performance goals and program contract goals. 

Enrollment / Assessment
 Conduct or assist in conducting group or one-on-one program information/overviews for potential clients.
 Determine program eligibility of participants through formal and informal inquiry and screening, complete enrollment paperwork per program requirements, conduct or assist in conducting formal enrollment sessions
 Assess and evaluate participant’s physical, social, vocational, educational and employment situation to determine client strengths and identify barriers
 Administer appropriate assessment and screening tools per program requirements or guidelines

Case Management
 In consultation with client, develop reasonable, realistic short term and long term goals
 Develop an appropriate plan with specific timelines and measureable goals
 Provide ongoing coaching and employment counseling
 Refer client to internal and external resources, assist in coordinating resources. Consult with service providers inclusive of but not exclusive of providers in mental health, child protection, financial assistance, advocacy, probation, education, housing
 Coordinate support services such as housing, transportation, childcare, work related needs. Make appropriate referrals for services when necessary
 Collaborate with other employment service providers, businesses, community agencies and educational institutions on behalf of clients
 Monitor and report on client progress
 Maintain compliance with program contract requirements and program policies
 Maintain client confidentiality, adhere to Federal Data Privacy laws
 Maintain case files and case file documentation inclusive of but not exclusive of the following (per program requirements):
 Eligibility verification/identification
 Employment and training/education planning, implementation and outcome
 Support services
 Resource/services referral
 Regular, ongoing case noting
o Facilitate or assist in facilitating group activities related to employment, career/education planning and implementation

File Management/Reporting
 Utilize required databases in case management
 Perform computerized data entry per program requirements inclusive of but not exclusive of (funder) WF1 tracking and case noting, (internal) ICIS data entry  (participant) ICIS data entry, (financial) Financial Edge and program specific reports
 Respond to requests for report and case file reconciliation in a timely manner and take appropriate action
 Keep abreast of county, state and federal program policies, maintain high level of skill and expertise through professional development and continuing education
 Collaborate with other agencies for program activities
 Maintain awareness of current labor market information
 Meet all program goals as outlined in contract
 Fulfill obligation as mandated reporter

1. Skill in written and oral communication
2. Ability to work effectively with others
3. Skill in counseling/coaching techniques
4. Efficient organizational and planning skills
5. Effective time management and ability to prioritize work
6. Ability and willingness to respond constructively to rapid change
7. Computer proficiency

- Verbally present ideas in an organized and effective manner in a variety of settings
- Write clearly and succinctly in a variety of communication settings and styles
- Demonstrate active and attentive listening
- Appropriately share information
- Demonstrate effective communication in a variety of formal presentation settings: one-on-one, small and large group and with peers and supervisors

- Build and engage in positive business relationships
- Enhance team morale and effectiveness
- Promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding
- Actively assist groups and/or individuals in achievement of goals
- Approach everyone with fairness, receptiveness and awareness of differences
- Demonstrate the ability to resolve conflict in an appropriate and professional manner   

Customer Service 
- Build and maintain effective internal and external relationships
- Meet the needs of internal and external customers, be available and responsive
- Respond to internal and external customer requests and inquiries in a timely manner
- Use sensitivity in working with diverse populations
- Create an atmosphere of comfort, trust and safety
- Maintain confidentiality regarding HIRED, its programs and its clients

Use of Technology 
- Use internal and external technical systems to perform the job on a daily basis
- Demonstrate willingness to learn and adapt to new technical systems
- Seek training to advance technology skills
- Demonstrate the appropriate technical skill level in order to effectively use technology in the performance of job duties

Duties Education and Experience Physical Requirements Working Conditions Salary Grade FLSA status
None Advanced professional position Minimum qualifications: Two years post-secondary education and/or 1 year experience. Minimum qualifications may vary based on program need  See above  See above   Nonexempt

1. Understand and support HIRED’s mission:  Providing personalized and innovative work solutions.
2. Adheres to HIRED’s standard of conduct and policies as stated in the Employee Handbook.
3. Maintain a strong work ethic that ensures honesty, conscientiousness and dependability.
4. Assist, mentor and cooperate with others to encourage professional development.
5. Adapt and adjust to work environment of change, uncertainty and ambiguity.
6. Participate in HIRED’s internal and external activities and groups in addition to essential job functions.

To Apply:
To apply for a job opening at HIRED, please go to the HIRED website: and click on “About Us” and then click on “Careers at HIRED”.