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Director of Marketing Communications

This job is no longer available

Tuesday, February 26, 2013
Thursday, March 28, 2013
Ashland, WI
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Major Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Coordinates, on an annual basis, the development and updating of a three-year integrated institutional marketing communications plan supporting the mission of the department.
  2. Supervises the staff of the Office of Marketing Communications including an Assistant Director of Marketing Communications, WRNC Station Manager and Media/Public Relations Specialist, Graphics Communications Specialist, student workers and, frequently, student interns.
  3. Prepares, on an annual basis, recommendations for the budget of the Office of Marketing Communications and manages the budget to assure that the authorized budget is not exceeded by fiscal year end.
  4. Manages the project request system of the Office of Marketing Communications as well as the associated project workflow of all office staff to assure that the needs and expectations of campus faculty, staff and, occasionally, students are exceeded through the proper execution of the Office’s marketing projects.
  5. Manages and, as necessary, proposes enhancements to the College’s branding program and associated graphics standards.
  6. Manages and directs the College’s communications program through advertising, publications, web, social media, special events promotion and others strategies as required to fulfill the department’s mission.
  7. Manages activities measuring the Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing communications programs and strategies.
  8. Works with the Media/Public Relations Specialist in evaluating the news worthiness of activities on campus and developing associated news release strategies accordingly.
  9. Employs and manages, as necessary, freelancers and vendors providing specific technical or project expertise for the Office of Marketing Communications.
  10. Make recommendations for improvements in internal, on-campus communications strategies, priorities and tactics.
  11. When necessary, develops and advocates for policies and procedures which improve the effectiveness and efficiency of work completed by the Office of Marketing Communications.
  12. Represents the Office of Marketing Communications to on-campus and off-campus groups and individuals as required or requested.
  13. Interprets and maintains compliance with pertinent Federal, state, and local laws, contractual regulations and best practices with regard to all Marketing Communications functions.
  14. Regularly participates in on-going professional development and training to stay current on the latest trends and developments in effective college institutional marketing programs.
  15. Monitors Northland’s visibility and coverage in both traditional and social media print and online.
  16. Participates in crisis communications planning and management as requested or required.
  17. Provides support to the Board of Trustees Marketing and Enrollment Committee as requested or required.