The board of directors of United Family Medicine (UFM) announces the opening of its Chief Executive Officer position. The mission of United Family Medicine is To Serve and To Teach. UFM provides access to comprehensive primary care to all persons in the community in order to improve their health and well-being, regardless of their ability to pay. UFM provides superior primary care by providing a medical home for seniors, adults, teens, children and infants. The Clinic accepts over 400 insurance plans including Medical Assistance, Medicare, Minnesota Care, and private insurance plans, while offering a sliding fee scale for those with no insurance or struggle with high deductibles. In June of 2012, United Family Medicine was awarded the status of FQHC/Community Health Center by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. In 2009, UFM moved into a new state of the art Silver LEED facility at Randolph and West 7th Street. UFM in 2012 served 14,850 patients with total visits of 50,770. The clinic has an annual operating budget of $12 million. The Clinic provides the health care with a medical staff of 17 MD’s, 1 dentist, 6 mid-level professionals, 4 administrative directors, 9 RN’s, 70 clinical support staff, and 18 residents. Since 1993, the United Family Medicine Residency Program has graduated 101 family practice physicians with four of our current staff physicians having graduated from our residency program. UFM has partnerships with over 25 community organizations.

The ideal candidate should have a demonstrated commitment to the community and community building including the development and sustaining of community partnerships. The candidate must have demonstrated an ability to lead complex systems with many stakeholders. The style of leadership is a visionary and participatory leader who facilitates broad based discussions among the various components of the Clinic and is not afraid to facilitate decisions in the absence of consensus. The ideal candidate should have demonstrated skills at external networking including knowledge of both elected and appointed officials from various levels of the public sector as well as the corporate sector. The candidate should have demonstrated an ability to react to environmental changes and develop strategic responses to such changes: in short the person should have a proven track record of managing change and taking risks based on the current strengths of the clinic. Finally, the candidate must be a gifted communicator to both internal and external audiences.

Interested candidates should send a letter of introduction and a resume to our search firm in care of Kent Eklund, Cincinnatus Inc, Colonial Warehouse Suite 478, 212 Third Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55401, or to the contact email provided here. The deadline for submission is April 5, 2013.