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Acoustics and Technical Systems Coordinator

This job is no longer available

Metropolitan Airport Commission
Friday, August 15, 2014
Sunday, September 14, 2014
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$68,332 - $94,318

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Coordinate all elements of the operations and maintenance of the 39 MACNOMS Remote Monitoring Towers (RMTs) noise monitoring stations. These duties include the management of consultant services, as well as conducting on-site maintenance and repair. Conduct sophisticated annual noise monitoring studies, as well as structure attenuation studies on an as needed bases in a manner consistent with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI S1.4) and the American Society for testing Materials (ASTM E 966). Prepare sophisticated acoustical reports and analyses. Develop, deploy and maintain various remote surveillance technologies at the MAC system of airports to assist in operations monitoring including, but not limited to, camera and radio devices.

Acoustical Remote Monitoring Towers (RMT)

  • Operate, monitor, troubleshoot, and maintain all aspects of the system of thirty-nine acoustical monitoring sites according to accepted standards.
  • Perform and track scheduled inspections and field calibrations.
  • Oversee the annual certification of acoustical components.
  • Maintain a traceable inventory of acoustical components.
  • Coordinate noise monitoring hardware repair with external service providers.
  • Create and update documentation of acoustical components, data download processes and troubleshooting.

Noise Analyses and Studies

  • Coordinate the organization, setup, and operation of portable acoustical equipment on public and private property.
  • Download, organize, analyze, and calculate acoustical data.
  • Create tabular and graphical data for dissemination.
  • Interpret and apply accepted acoustical methods and standards.
  • Conceive, design, and construct special equipment to facilitate non-standard acoustical studies.

Camera and Radio Surveillance

  • Coordinate the setup, operate, maintain, and monitor remote video and audio devices and software.
  • Create documentation of monitored events.
  • Conceive, design and construct special equipment to facilitate non-standard operations monitoring.


  • Operate MAC vehicles on and off airport property.
  • Create and maintain geographical data of MAC owned underground utilities associated with department equipment for department and Gopher State One Call system use.
  • Coordinate, monitor and respond to utility locate requests.
  • Coordinate utility maintenance associated with department equipment.
  • Coordinate and oversee the installation of noise and operations monitoring equipment.


Core Competency Requirements:

  • Complete work assignments in an accurate and neat manner.
  • Produce required volume of work within assigned deadlines.
  • Consistently practices cooperative, positive and flexible work habits and accept accountability for job responsibilities.
  • Use sound, ethical judgment in solving problems and making decisions.
  • Use effective interpersonal skills to develop positive work relationships.
  • Perform work in a safe, secure and ethical manner.
  • Use good communication skills in and between work groups.
  • Comply with required work schedules.
  • Provide good internal/external customer service.
  • Comply with all MAC policies and procedures.

Minimum Requirements

  • Two year degree in aviation, acoustics, electronics, engineering or related field or a technical electronics certification. (Four years of actual noise monitoring and/or technical electronics experience may be substituted for the education/certification requirement.)
  • Ability to work independently in unsupervised remote locations.
  • Noise monitoring experience and knowledge of noise measurement methods and analysis.
  • Experience with spreadsheet, database and word processing software.
  • Ability to work in various outdoor environmental conditions.
  • Ability to calmly and effectively communicate information to upset individuals in person or by telephone.
  • Ability to perform complex statistical analyses in a spreadsheet environment.
  • Experience troubleshooting and repairing low voltage electrical systems and circuits.
  • Experience with the operation and maintenance of cellular modems and associated hardware.
  • Experience with the setup, operation, and maintenance of acoustical equipment.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage technical projects which may include the development of noise monitoring studies, set-up of noise monitoring systems, downloading data, etc.

Desirable Requirements

  • Flexibility in dealing with unforeseen job challenges.
  • Ability to interpret and disseminate weather data.
  • Working knowledge of a Noise and Operations Monitoring System (NOMS).
  • Experience using relational databases (PostGreSQL, SQL).
  • Previous airport work experience and strong aircraft identification abilities.
  • Working knowledge of airport operations, air traffic control, and aviation noise issues.
  • Software experience with Arcview, or other Geographical Information System (GIS) software.
  • Experience with audio and video surveillance equipment.
  • Private Pilot’s License.
  • Experience with sound level meters, pre-amplifiers, data loggers, and frequency analyzers.
  • Experience with Larson Davis products.
  • Experience utilizing equipment to locate underground utilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and implement noise and flight tracking systems.

Metropolitan Airport Commission