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Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jan 03, 2017
Feb 02, 2017
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Company Profile: Simple Recycling 

Clothing, shoes and other textiles are 100% recyclable, but 85% still ends up in landfills. Simple Recycling makes is SIMPLE to recycle these materials through our innovative, free curbside municipal curbside recycling programs.

Dispatch Supervisor / Lead Driver 

The following outline of a job description is to serve as a guide for the expected job performance of the Clothing & Home Goods Collection Dispatch Supervisor.


  • To locate, hire and train all professional route drivers in accordance with driver training procedures set forth by management.
  • Work directly with the Program Office Staff in order to: 
  • Organize and dispatch daily routes.
  • Assist with mistaken collection or driver/donor problems.
  • Assist in arranging collection of difficult or special pickups.
  • Monitor daily/weekly solicitation projections in order to determine drivers needed.
  • Implement and manage a fleet maintenance program that will minimize down time through the use of: 
  • In-house service maintenance schedule prescribed by management.
  • Daily driver and weekly management vehicle inspections.
  • Establish relationships with reputable local repair centers in order to provide the most cost efficient vehicle reports.
  • Bale & Product Trailers – responsible for: 
  • Ensuring safe and timely loading of all trailers.
  • Arrange shipment with common carrier.
  • Track the shipment, payment of all bale trailers.
  • Responsible for the loading and shipment of other soft good items, i.e. shoes, belts, books, stuffed animals, etc.
  • Establish daily communication with all individual route drivers in order to: 
  • Review daily/weekly collection/driver summary reports and take corrective action as needed.
  • Determine if all drivers are performing their duties in accordance with collection percentages set forth by management.
  • Assist with any problems concerning lock downs or any incident reports involving property damage, personal injury and vehicle accidents.
  • Enforcement of all rules, regulations, health and safety policies.
  • Answer any questions, provide encouragement and helpful solutions to collection challenges.
  • Complete all drivers daily reports and summaries established by management.
  • Enact any disciplinary measures deemed necessary. i.e.: 
  • Driver write up.
  • Terminations.
  • Verbal reprimand
  • Maintain daily contact with City Manager in order to: 
  • Schedule disbursement of route trucks daily.
  • Movement of storage/production to stores.
  • Arrange for bale/storage pickup from store to warehouse.
  • Disbursement of supplies to the store.
  • Responsible for the condition of the warehouse storage, bales and supplies.
  • Must be kept neat and orderly at all times.
  • Direct supervision of all warehouse personnel.
  • Registration and securing license plates for all collection service vehicles.
  • Random drug testing of all drivers.
  • Managing the hours and payroll of all drivers and warehouse personnel within guidelines established by management.
  • Ensure that all area maps are up to date.
  • GPS scheduled drivers’ routes on a regular basis.
  • Driver collection routes when necessary.


  • Effective communication skills.
  • Time and Mulit-task managment
  • Administrative skills.
  • Able to enforce procedures.
  • Able to work irregular hours.
  • Able to display leadership and train others.
  • Results oriented.
  • Basic computer skills.

Required experience:

  • Logistics: 1 year
  • Driving: 1 year
  • Management: 1 year


Route Driver 

The following outline of a job description is to serve as a guide for the expected job performance of the Clothing & Home Goods Collection Route Driver.


  • No prior experience or CDL required.  (Driving Ford Transit Vans)
  • Management and growth opportunity available.
  • Valid drivers license, cell phone and clean driving record required.
  • Consistent Schedule: Monday -- Thursday/Friday. Regular hours between 7am and 5pm.


For more information and to schedule an interview, please contact Jason at 216.225.8812

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