Metal Fabrication and Welding Specialist

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Feb 16, 2017
Mar 18, 2017
Employment Status
Full Time

The City of Minneapolis is seeking a skilled Metal Fabrication and Welding Specialist perform specialized work in the fabrication, repair and maintenance of metal structures, parts and tools by using welding, cutting and shaping techniques and to install metal products as required in Water Department facilities.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform metal fabrication for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of metal machine parts and tools and metal structural components of the water distribution system including: compiling materials list, calculating type and size of materials to be used on projects, selecting appropriate dimension steel, flat stock and rolled bars, designing and developing layout or work from developed plans and constructing and installing if required.
  • Cut, weld and fabricate metal both ferrous and non-ferrous in the repair and
  • maintenance of structures, equipment and tools at the Water Works facilities and design and fabricate metal tools and equipment for replacement when specialty jobs require tools or equipment that are not otherwise available (no longer produced).
  • Setting up and operating welding and metal cutting and fabrication equipment.
  • Perform case hardening build up operations on teeth, cutting edges, blades and bucket lips.
  • Perform highly skilled hammer and anvil work on heated iron and steel in shaping tools, metal machine parts, and other objects when necessary.
  • Temper metal by cooling appropriately.
  • Perform maintenance work on riggings and cranes by making welds, designing parts and components and installing them.
  • Install beams and repair and replace steel and other metal structure in Water Works Buildings and distribution system including stairways, window and door frames, gates, overhead rails, work on overhead cranes, ladders, catwalks, cement form supports, staircases, window frames, doors, hoisting cable, guards, rails, covers, slings, gantries for lifting, gate supports and chambers.
  • Analyze machine stress and fatigue points.
  • Rig and move heavy equipment and objects including pumps, motors, generators, and related equipment.


Education: Vocational School Training in heating, welding and cutting metal as well as shaping and tempering iron and steel or equivalent.

Experience: Two years verifiable experience performing welding work using welding and metal cutting equipment and experience fabricating and shaping steel and iron products.

Licenses/Certifications: Must possess and continue to maintain a valid driver's license.

For more information and to apply, please visit our website at  reference job posting 2017-00046. Applications accepted through March 3, 2017.

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