Plant Electrician

Hibbing, Minnesota
Union Wages and Benefits
Mar 07, 2017
Apr 06, 2017
Job Type
Employment Status
Full Time

Key Accountabilities:

  • Perform craft-level Electrician and Instrument/Electronic repairs in a mining and processing plant environment while working with up to 4160 Volts.
  • Safe work habits and adherence to safety rules is a must. Must be able to read electrical schematics, blueprints and loop diagrams.
  • Must be able to safely and quickly troubleshoot and repair electrical/electronic and/or mechanical problems in a fast-paced plant environment, with little supervision available.


The ideal candidate will have the following education, work experience, and abilities:

  • Education - - Minimum Two Year Electrical Vocational Degree  or apprenticeship in electrical maintenance
  • Experience - - Minimum of 2 years hands on electrical maintenance
  • Technical Expertise - - Strong computer and web skills including familiarity with various web and social platforms.

 Must be willing to adhere to the company’s core values:


Safe Production

Record Production with lack of injuries, good housekeeping. Orderly work areas. Well maintained equipment. Proper training and procedures. Looking out for and correcting each other. Safe conditions and behavior. Sentinel of Safety qualification.

Customer Focus

Listening to the customer. Being responsive and on time. Meeting quality expectations. Helping the customer succeed.

Creating Economic Value

Doing the right things right the first time. Elimination of waste and inefficiency. Breakthroughs in productivity and technology.

Bias for Action

Getting things done. Reduced red tape. “Barrierless” – call anybody you want. Management by fact. Plan the work, work the plan.

Trust, Respect and Open Communication

Open access to information. Constructive Conflict. Delegation to the appropriate level. Toleration of failure in pursuit of business success. Encouraging and accepting different views. Feeling an obligation to explain your actions to those it affects. Gender and racial diversity.

Group and Individual Accountability

Behaving in line with our Core Values. Being responsible for our actions. Providing plans/standards/expectations. Holding yourself and/or the group to a high standard of performance. Walk the talk.


Doing what you say you’re going to do. No hidden agendas. Doing the right thing. Being truthful. Zero tolerance. Not walking away from a situation. Be Credible.


Actively involve others in decision making. Know when to take a leadership role and when to be an active member. Recognize the value of teamwork and the synergy it creates.

Recognize & Reward Achievement

Celebrating successes. Stress training and development. An effective appraisal of performance. Giving a simple thank you.

Environmental Stewardship

Going beyond compliance. Being socially responsible. Anticipating and addressing potential impacts before they occur. Personal Accountability. Operating to preserve the environment for future generations.