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Support Specialist

Feb 03, 2018
Feb 03, 2019
Pro Staff
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Full Time


The support specialist provides a positive first impression to customers either on the telephone or face-to-face while performing various support functions necessary for the company to operate smoothly.

Everything form cleaning the coffee pot in the break room to planning company events to coordinating with contractors during office remodeling.

This candidate must have the drive and desire to grow in the company (Accounting, Project Management, Fulfillment, Etc.) but be comfortable staying in this role as needed until the next step.

Provides a good first impression

  • Answers the company phone line, transfers calls, reviews and distributes the company voicemail daily; 20 calls/day
  • Distributes the mail and faxes daily; maintains copier and mail machine space; keeps the labels and paper stocked daily
  • Keeps reception area organized and clean including the magazine display
  • Prepares conference rooms daily
    • Plugs in the Polycoms and turns off the lights at the end of each day
    • Pushes in the chairs, resets the table, and wipes the dry erase boards at the end of each day
    • Orders food for conference room meetings as requested
    • Keeps the conference room fridge(s) stocked; makes sure there is guest water on hand every day
Coordinates office activities
  • Manages the company kitchen
    • Coordinates refrigerator clean outs at least quarterly
    • Wipes down the kitchen counter tops and pushes in the chairs daily
    • Empties coffee pots nightly; cleans pots weekly
    • Monitors supplies and communicates to the appropriate person when new items need to be purchased
  • Takes inventory of office supplies weekly and orders as needed and price compares various vendors
  • Facilitates the approval and ordering of capital expenditures (purchases over $100 such as chairs)
  • Arranges semi-annual carpet cleaning and communicates to the entire company at least three times prior to the date
    • Is responsible for arranging the disassembly and reassembly of all shared office spaces before and after
  • Coordinates building maintenance and renovation communications for the corporate office and company owned townhouse between various contractors/suppliers and staff

Provides administrative support

  • Responsible for filing including contracts within two (2) days of receiving them; both in electronic & hard copy
  • Coordinates and prepares General and FTTx UPS shipments and Quicksilver deliveries within one (1) day of receiving the request
  • Prepares presentations, spreadsheets and reports as requested (including Employee/Partner Purchase Program, updating Salesforce, etc.)
  • Assists with travel as requested including booking hotel reservations for remote employees and visitors

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