Nurse Practitioner- Outpatient Mental Health

Minneapolis, MN
Jun 09, 2018
Jul 09, 2018
The Minneapolis VA Health Care System
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Nurse Practitioner- Outpatient Mental Health
The Minneapolis VA Medical Center is seeking a Nurse Practitioner to provide outpatient mental health care. The model for care delivery is an interdisciplinary team approach comprised of prescribers (psychiatrists, APRNs & pharmacists), nursing staff, social worker, psychologists, administrative support and ancillary team members to provide comprehensive, coordinated care deliver individualized for the veterans needs.


Common mental health diagnoses encountered include: schizophrenia; anxiety disorders; trauma related disorders such as PTSD; depressive disorders; bipolar disorders; cognitive disorders related to traumatic brain injury; neurocognitive disorders; substance abuse disorders; and neurodevelopmental disorders. Features of this position include:

  • A to a fixed panel size of patients.
  • 30-minute appointments for established patients. 60-90-minute appointments for new patients. 10-minute phone visits when indicated.
  • Fixed salary (Pay is not based on production).
  • Conduct and document findings on initial, periodic, episodic, and/or psychiatric examinations on patients seen in the clinical setting.
  • Determine potential needs for therapeutic changes, diagnostic workups or subspecialty consultation and so order.
  • Order and/or interpret appropriate laboratory tests.
  • Provide follow-up for evaluation of outcomes of laboratory tests. Detect and evaluate any significant change in patients' psychiatric condition, treating as indicated.
  • Review medications for clinical need, simplification and possible drug-drug interactions and adjust as indicated.
  • Prescribe, administer and review/evaluate patient's response to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment.
  • Evaluate outpatients and manage acute and chronic mental illnesses according to the usual scope of care to include attention to maintenance of stable conditions, preventive health care and screening. Collaborate with collaborating physician or other allied health care professionals as needed.
  • Collaborate with the patient/family to establish physical, mental, cultural and environmental factors that facilitate or impede realistic goals and activities.
  • Determine appropriate diagnosis and formulate diagnostic plans and therapeutic regimen, including possible hospitalizations. Collaborate with collaborating physician or other allied health care professionals as needed.
  • Provide education and counseling of the patient and the patient's family in preventive care, psychiatric conditions and the use of prescribed treatments and drugs. Maintain phone contact with patients, families and home care agencies as indicated.
  • Provide therapeutic counseling services for veterans
Requirements: Nurse Practitioner State Licensure and Psychiatric-Mental Health NP Certification required.
Work Schedule: Full-Time; Clinic hours of operation are Monday-Friday, 8:00a-4:30p Travel Required

Not required

Supervisory status No

Promotion Potential 3


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