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Teachers ASAP

952-887-ASAP (2727)
1660 S. Hwy 100 Suite 500
St. Louis Park



As a substitute teacher staffing agency,  TeachersASAP offers comprehensive, professional solutions for all types of educational and learning institutions throughout the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area. Locally owned and operated, we focus on our client’s specific educational requirements and address those with our teachers, assistants and aides via a personalized and flexible approach.   We understand that personal attention and personal accountability result in an exceptional customer experience, and it is through this approach that we are providing a new way of delivering substitute teachers in the educational communities we support.

Servicing our clients with substitute teachers means addressing and understanding their concerns, providing them quality staffing that fits their mission and goals.  Nothing is constant, and we have the ability to adapt our approach as the needs of our clients change and grow.  With this goal in mind, we actively collaborate as a cohesive customer/supplier team to maximize the service value we bring to both our teachers and to our clients.

As a TeachersASAP teacher, we appreciate and highlight your talent and experiences that you can bring to the assignment.  We want to ensure our clients the ability to see what you personally have to offer. Your relationship with us is being one of our valued staff – either a full time or part time substitute teacher, assistant or aide.  You are on the front line, representing what TeachersASAP stands for in the educational environment – integrity, professionalism, experience, trust and concern for the well being of children in our community.

People – that’s what our industry is about – and just as no two people are alike, our business model addresses the belief that one size does NOT fit all. Learning institutions have individual nuances and specific needs that cannot be managed by software systems alone. We pride ourselves on the relationships we build with our clients and our talent to deliver customized solutions that exceed your expectations.

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