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Staffing Partners

5909 Baker Road, Suite 570

Welcome to Staffing Partners - We've been providing Administrative/Clerical, Sales, Accounting, Financial, and Human Resources staffing solutions in the Twin Cities' area for over 25 years. Our career agents are Staffing Professionals with diverse experience in their respective industries. If you're looking for quality employees or a great employer, call us today. One of our specialists would love to discuss your goals and objectives to find solutions that work for YOU!

In a world where everyone's an expert, it's important to note who's not doing all the talking. At Staffing Partners, we listen first and make recommendations later. If we're the best solution for you or your staffing challenge, we'll tell you. If we aren't, we'll tell you. Sound different? It is.

Enough about us. Let's talk about you.
Ask us to take a fresh look at your resume or your company. Just don't expect a pat answer. We'll tell it like it including exposing the factors keeping you from finding your dream job or your company from attracting quality professionals. After all, isn't that what building relationships is all about?

It's your call.
You can talk to any staffing company you'd like. But if you want to work with people who are more interested in filling positions with expertise rather than afterthoughts, call us today.

We're ready to listen.

All fees are paid by the companies we serve.

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For The Administrative and Financial Groups (Administrative/Clerical, Sales, Accounting, Financial, and Human Resources), call 952-926-4200
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