Clinicor - Medical and Clinical Staffing

17 Washington Avenue North
Suite 570
United States

Tel: 612.977.1470
Fax: 612.371.6250


About Clinicor - Medical and Clinical Staffing

Since 1969, Dolphin Staffing has been recognized as the premier HR provider in Minnesota. Today, we are Dolphin Group Companies, offering advanced HR fulfillment and management services via a dedicated network of six specialized companies. Humera Administrative & Professional Staffing, Jurisin Legal Staffing, Clinicor Medical and Clinical Staffing, Inginaire Engineer Staffing, Binesta Information Technology Staffing and Indrotec Staffing and Workforce Management to address the growing complexity of HR integration and influence among companies of every size and stripe. Individually, they exist to serve the needs of our customers with laser-like focus. Collectively, they possess the resources, technology and professional staff to ensure that you fully benefit from their combined strength and experience.


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