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ACR Homes


A Top Workplace for ALL employees!

ACR is committed to ensuring exceptional care for the people with disabilities we support and we are also committed to ensuring an exceptional work experience for ALL employees. We commit to be a workplace free of racism and discrimination where all employees feel safe at work. We commit to ensuring the needs of all employees are being addressed and that diversity and inclusion is celebrated throughout our organization for both staff and residents.

We are proud to say that ACR was voted the #1 workplace by employees in both 2014 and 2016 in the Star Tribune Top Workplaces survey and we have been in the Top 12 for all 6 years of participation. What does it mean for ACR to be named the top workplace in Minnesota?  It means that we, by which we mean direct care staff, supervisors, RNs, office and maintenance employees, and all of the other people employed at ACR, have created the best workplace in Minnesota.  Being named top workplace is a direct result of the high quality work and positivity everyone exemplifies throughout ACR.

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