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Apple Valley

Welcome to where you and your work matter!

Uponor (pronounced oop-ä-nôr) may have a unique name, but our products are known and used worldwide. We’re the leading international manufacturer of PEX piping for plumbing, heating, cooling and fire safety. That means our work – and workers – truly matter. We take pride in providing comfortable, safe and healthy environments for people around the globe. You can, too.

See and feel the Uponor difference.

We don’t just offer line jobs. We turn hard work and dedication into careers. And, we do it within a friendly, respectful culture that doesn’t forget the fun. Plus, the four-days on/four-days off schedule and four weeks of PTO, lets you have a life outside of work. Check out our generous employee benefits.

“I like the work schedule. Four days on, then four off in a row allows for lots of free time.” Robert, Maintenance Technician

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