Adult Day Care Staff

Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota
Sep 12, 2017
Oct 12, 2017
Adult Day Care Staff
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Full Time


QUALIFICATIONS: 1) Must be fluent in Hmong 2) Must have a valid drivers license 3) High school graduate or equivalent GED 4) Current basic life support and first aide 5) Possess verbal and written communication skills to effectively communicate with participants, families, and supervisors. 6) Completes education requirements for specific job needs during orientation period and as provided by organization.

ACCOUNTABILITY: 1) The program staff is accountable to participant and the adult day center Manager/Coordinator/Supervisor 2) The adult day center manager completes supervision and evaluation of the program staff 3) The program staff works cooperatively with other center staff as a member of a team of professionals striving to provide the best care and customer service possible

WORKING CONDITIONS/PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: 1) Main job duties include but not limited to: Kitchen help, Bathroom maintenance, Lunch service and clean up, other tasks as needed. 2) Moderate to heavy work; occasionally lifting 25 pounds or more. Duties may involve lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, turning, and stooping. 4)  May experience prolonged periods of standing and walking 5) May experience periods of interruptions, stress, and pressure 6) May experience exposure to blood borne pathogens, infectious illnesses, or hazardous chemicals during the course of employment 7) Duties regularly require the ability to talk, listen, and see. Hearing and vision should be corrected to within normal range. 8) Motor coordination, manual dexterity, and near visual acuity required for providing participant care and working with equipment 9) Ability to follow adult day service staffing patters by working scheduled hours              10) Flexibility in scheduling of hours required to accommodate changes in census and needs of clients

PRINCIPLE DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: 1) Adhere to Asian Adult Day Care LLC policies and procedures 2) Contributes to the positive image of Asian Adult Day Care LLC through the proper dress and conduct 3) Assumes responsibility for professional self-development. Participates in continuing education programs, completes mandatory education, and attends Asian Adult Day Care LLC staff meetings 4) Maintains confidentiality of all organizational data and protect health information. 5) The Nurse and office staff may have unrestricted access to confidential information and protected health information for the purpose of providing patient care 6) Encourage maintenance of appropriate diet to ensure proper nutrition 7) Maintains knowledge of supplies and their usage 8) Utilizes proper body mechanics and promotes participant and employee safety through appropriate use of assistive devices


Job Location: Saint Paul MN 

Hours/Week: Full-Time & Part-Time 24-32 Hrs Per week (7:00 am - 3:30 pm)

Monday - Thursday * must be flexible 

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