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Why Should I Consider a Staffing Firm For My Job Search?

If you are a job seeker, you likely use the usual resources in your search – job boards, aggregators, search engines and perhaps your personal network. There is another option you may not have considered – let well connected experts do the searching for you. Staffing professionals are constantly connecting people with jobs. Not just any job, but one that is a fit between the candidate and the hiring company.

Staffing firms have the resources, the connections, and the experience to get their job candidates – you - placed in the right companies. Having this kind of partner with their insights can make a huge difference in your job search and career.

How it Works

Do you prefer a boss that gives you instructions, then leaves you alone to get your work done? Do you like to work on a team, alone or in a small group? Do you like a more formal work environment, or are you more comfortable in a relaxed, easygoing atmosphere?

These are the kinds of questions your Staffing expert will ask when they will meet with you, review your experience, strengths, and listen to your career goals. Next they will match you with known clients and opportunities and begin the process of getting you interviews, and into your ideal job.

What are the benefits?

Staffing firms can place you at jobs that give you on-the-job training, setting you up to be even more in demand and marketable. They can also give you the chance to “test drive” different companies until you find the perfect match. You can work in a variety of industries to gain depth of experience. And, many people who work with a staffing agency on temporary assignments end up being directly hired.

In addition, many staffing firms offer health benefits to their clients.

How do I get started?

Start with one of the most experienced and well-connected staffing firms in the Twin Cities - The Right Staff.  This firm is locally owned with a track record of making thousands of placements over the course of almost two decades. Their Recruiting Specialists are ready to talk with you today.

Simply click Apply go to their website to get started.

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