Assistant Program Manager

Hennepin County, Minnesota
May 01, 2018
May 31, 2018
Employment Status
Full Time

(APM) Full-Time in Hennepin County, MN

Assistant Program Managers do mostly direct care duties (see job description for Direct Support Professional), and assist their Program Manager with a few administrative tasks. The administrative tasks are generally one or two of the following:

Medical: keeping track of individual’s medical needs and appointment calendars, scheduling appointments, accompanying individuals to their appointments, ordering medications, ordering medical supplies, etc.

Financial: keeping track of individual’s petty cash, bank runs, assisting folks with paying bills, etc.

Activities: signing individuals up for activities that they are interested in, keeping the program calendar up to date, communicating with team re: plans, etc.

Shopping: purchasing groceries and supplies for the program.

For any DSP, this would be a promotion in wages and responsibilities. It’s a great position for anyone who is interested in “leadership light”—you do not have to supervise/manage employees, but you get the chance to start learning the “behind the scenes” operation of Hammer programs. Experience is not required, but it is preferred. Please see below for our current list of openings.

13th Avenue Assistant Program Manager Opening

13th Avenue is an active house with four men ranging in age from their 20s to their 50s. All of the individuals enjoy taking walks in the community, going to the YMCA, bowling, eating out or going out for coffee, seeing movies and spending time with staff, volunteers and family members. It’s a fun house with an on-the-go mentality. Everyone is able to help with household chores and cooking and are mostly independent with ADLs. Two individuals do require more help with daily tasks and hygiene. One individual has a lactose-free diet. There are generally two staff working during peak hours and one overnight sleep staff.

Duties: medical and finance.

Schedule: Monday 2p-9p, Tuesday 3p-10p, Wednesday 3p-10p, Thursday 3p-9p, Friday 2p-10p. Total of 35 hours/week.

Zealand Assistant Program Manager Opening

Zealand is a dynamic apartment program serving eight individuals with diverse interests, needs, activities and supports. Zealand focuses on providing a family-style environment with an emphasis on healthy living. On any given day, staff may be exercising with residents at the YMCA, visiting the Humane Society, shopping, walking in a park, going to a dance or Special Olympics, attending church or visiting a community event. When at the apartments, we assist individuals with activities and needs such as cleaning and laundry chores, cooking and nutrition guidance, playing board games and cards, welcoming volunteers, helping with technology and processing emotions to name a few. We generally have 2 staff on during weekday afternoons, evenings and weekends with one overnight staff asleep.

Schedule: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday 1:30p-9p, Sunday 10a-6p, and 6 hours of administrative time per week for a total of 36.5 hours/week. Staff meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month from 5:30p-7:30p.

Duties: TBD.

Emery Assistant Program Manager Opening

Emery is an active home with 3 men and 1 woman, ages in their early twenties. Everyone enjoys getting out in the community and taking part in activities such as going to the park and zoo, the library, seeing movies, swimming, shopping, going to dances, and dining out. All individuals require significant support and independence encouragement in their daily skill development and planning. The communication ability is varied with two individuals who are non-verbal though most partial needs are able to be expressed. Everyone in the house has protocols related to behavioral support needs, but use of these protocols is not frequent. Emery is not a high medical need house, though one person receives some nutritional supplement through g-tube feedings. One of the individuals loves going to the Mall of America to go on rides, so staff who love amusement rides are a great fit! Some individuals love to go swimming, so it would be a good idea to bring a swimsuit when working at Emery so that folks have the option of going swimming. There are 3 staff on during regular shifts with one awake and one asleep overnight staff.

Schedule: Monday 2p-8p, Tuesday 2p-10p, Wednesday 2p-10p, Thursday 3p-9p, Sunday 2p-10p plus 4 administrative hours per week for a total of 40 hours/week.

Duties: Medical or activities.

Arkansas Assistant Program Manager Opening

Arkansas is home to four men. Two men independently ambulate. One man can walk short distance but needs staff assistance to prevent falls and a wheelchair for longer distances. The last man is non-ambulatory but is able to do pivot transfers. All individuals enjoy going out to eat, out for coffee, shopping and sporting events. The two ambulatory men like to go for walks in the neighborhood or area parks. The staff assists all individuals for the majority of their ADLs. Two of the men are quite shy around new people but will warm up over time. One individual is non-verbal and does not sign. He may engage in self-injurious behaviors (hitting his leg) when anxious. He is able to understand everything that is said to him. There are three staff on during peak hours and the one overnight staff is awake. The program is managed by Tyler Textor and directed by Barb Matter. They are happy to answer specific questions about the program.

Schedule: Monday 2p-10p, Tuesday 3p-9p, Wednesday 2p-8p, Thursday 3p-10p, and Sunday 10:30a-11p for a total of 39.5 hours per week.

Duties: organizing and keeping the financial books updated, scheduling and helping with medical appointments and ordering medications when needed. Duties are up for negotiation based on a qualified candidate’s skills and interests.

Eden Place Assistant Program Manager Opening

Eden Place is an apartment program in Eden Prairie supporting roughly a dozen individuals. There men and women served there enjoy being busy participating in a variety of activities and sports. Most of the individuals are rather independent but still need staff to help with cleaning, cooking and med administration. Staff often provide emotional support--listening while the people we support talk about their day or wanting changes in their lives. We are currently staffed at a 1:4 ratio so staff are consistently busy and oftentimes are working with several individuals at one time. The community apartment is #102, and you can either call the office at 952-767-3640 to let them know you are there or use the buzzer system at the front door. Locate Hammer in the directory and it will call our office. Eden Place also has a cat in the community apartment, and a few individuals have cats in their apartments.

Duties: Activities.

Schedule: Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 2p-10p, Sunday 10a-6p for a total of 40 hours/week.

Zachary Assistant Program Manager Opening

Zachary is a low key house with four women ranging in age from their 40s to their 70s. The women enjoy going out to eat, socializing with staff and spending time relaxing. At times, all of the women need encouragement to plan events to get out the house. The women do enjoy going to the zoo, movies, and shopping. They are all semi-independent in their personal care skills and a majority of their household management skills. The women have varying degrees of independence in accessing the community. The women need extensive emotional support from staff. During peak hours, there are two staff with one overnight staff asleep.

Duties: to be determined based on candidate’s skills and interests.

Schedule: Monday 2p-9p, Tuesday ON 4p-9a, Wednesday 4p-9p, and Sunday 10a-6p plus 3 administrative hours per week for a total of 40 hours per week.

WAGES: Assistant Program Managers (APMs) are paid a higher wage than our Direct Support Professional position. Overtime is time and a half for any hours worked over 40 per week. Benefits include medical insurance, dental insurance, 401k, life insurance, short term disability, and paid time off. Any paid time off is paid out at the higher APM wage.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status.

To apply visit: or click “Apply”

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