Sr Agile Coach- Dojo Coach

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Dec 21, 2018
Jan 27, 2019
Business, Other
Employment Status
Full Time
Description: SENIOR AGILE COACH: DOJO COACH (L5) - Target Technology Services

The Sr. Agile Coach (aka Dojo Coach) is responsible for the education and adoption of agile and product with Product Teams (includes PO, SM and Engineers) in the Dojo to establish a common understanding of the Product and Lean-Agile principles and practices.The Dojo Coach will evaluate a Product Team's operational health (e.g. team dynamics, agile delivery, product awareness) in order to identify opportunity for improvements, and help these teams mature their practices and more effectively embrace an agile and product mindset. This role will be accountable for partnering with the Enterprise Coach (Lead Agile Coach) to develop a Dojo coaching plan for Product Teams entering the Dojo in order to achieve the educational goal for the team while in the Dojo.This role will also be accountable for partnering with the Technical Coach to ensure a seamless integrated learning experience for agile, product and technology practices and values for the Target Product Teams.

·Formally create and execute against a dojo coaching plan and communicate to Product Team and the team's leader chain (up to VP).

·Ensure Product Teams can demonstrate their learning based on the educational goals by the end of the dojo challenge.

·Formally communicate the outcomes (positive and negative) of the dojo challenge and key coaching observations with the Product Team and the team's leader chain (up to VP).

·Ensure all Product Teams have a positive learning experience in the dojo (achieve a Net Promoter Score of 40+).

The Dojo Coach will be an advocate and educator for agile and product principles and related methodologies and practices within the Dojo. As such, these individuals will need to be involved with internal and external Agile networks in order to stay current on best practices and strategies related to this way of working. Partnership and learning are cornerstones of the agile mind set, thus the Dojo Coach will need to actively participate in thought leadership within these Agile communities and seek out opportunities to continuously improve their own skills in order to better support the Product Teams.

·Participate in internal Community of Practices and foster internal relationships across the enterprise.

·Participate in external professional organizations relevant to one's field.

·Willingness to attend conferences, trade shows, or industry events, as appropriate.

Training and Certification

The Dojo Coach will be responsible for understanding the internal training and learning materials that apply the principles of agile and product. They will leverage these materials with the Products Teams, and thus be accountable for ensuring all Product Teams understand these concepts and how they apply to the working processes of the Product Teams. The Dojo Coach will be responsible for the active coaching of Product Teams in the dojo in order to provide more "hands-on" direction in the moment.

·Contribute to instructional content (including training programs, written procedures, or any other instructional material).

·Identify and promote enhancements to coaching and the learning objectives for teams.

·Deliver formal instruction to others (for example, lead classroom training or certification sessions).

·Coach teams and show/teach others how to do tasks on the job.

Consulting and Process Improvement

The Dojo Coach will be responsible for coordinating with the Enterprise Coach to align agile coaching strategies and practices for a Product Team's dojo challenge based on Scrum, Kanban and other frameworks. The Dojo Coach will work closely with partners, particularly Scrum Masters and Product Managers, during a dojo challenge to evaluate how teams work together, develop strategies to improve the Product Teams ability to define, discover, and deliver customer-centric value, and ensure the Product Teams can actively demonstrate their understanding of the concepts and practices before they exit the dojo.The Dojo Coach will also provide one-on-one role specific education and coaching to the Scrum Master and Product Manager, so they are able to apply the learned skills with the Product Team upon exiting the dojo.

·Demonstrate Product Team adoption of best practices and repeatable processes.

·Provide subject matter expertise to Product Teams and specific roles (Scrum Masters, Product Managers).

·Proactively provide feedback to leaders and individuals based on direct observations.

Coaching Team

Develop and maintain a strong working relationship with the team of agile and technical coaches to share experiences, develop shared training material, and ensure a consistent coaching experience and base-level set of learning for the Product Teams and leaders.

·Proactively provide feedback to other coaches.

·Actively contribute to the evolution of the coaching product.

·Provide support/backfill to other coaches, as needed.


  • 3+ years Agile work experience across a variety of Agile teams and Agile methodologies and frameworks.
  • Facilitated coaching and/or learning programs for product teams and leaders


  • Agile certifications (Scrum Master, SAFe/Scaling, Product Owner, Coaching, etc.)
  • 2+ years Agile coaching experience
  • Lean, Kanban, Continuous Improvement, Process experience/certifications
  • DevOps experience (build automation, test automation, test driven development (TDD), Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Development (CD), Infrastructure as code, etc.)
  • Technical/development experience (java/o.o.p. coding, scripting, infrastructure development, application development)
  • Design, UX experience
  • Active engagement in external agile and product communities with a network of professional contacts outside of the organization


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