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Journey Lineworker

City of Two Harbors
Two Harbors, Minnesota
Start date
Sep 6, 2023
Closing date
Oct 6, 2023

The City of Two Harbors is hiring a Journey Lineworker at $34.03/hr. The Journey Lineworker performs skilled line and electrical work in the operation, maintenance and repair of overhead and underground electrical distribution systems; municipal power, water and wastewater treatment plants; natural gas system and other City operations; operates a variety of specialized related equipment and vehicles.


Performs skilled work in the reconstructing, maintaining and repairing electrical systems and equipment, including substation, distribution systems, transformers and powerlines.

Performs skilled work in placing and removing cross arms, stringing wires, tapping wires, repairing cross arms and wires, placing and replacing insulators and setting transformers.

Digs holes, frames poles, sets poles, installs anchors and guys, strings wire, hangs transformers, sags up wire, energizes power lines.

Works on energized equipment. Repairs and replaces equipment on energized circuits to avoid service interruption. Uses rubber gloves, special "hot line tools" and insulated coverings for adjacent equipment on high voltages.

Maintains and troubleshoots all municipal equipment such as water plant controls and equipment, sewage plant controls and equipment, street lighting, gas system electrical requirements and all municipal buildings, etc.

Takes standby shifts as directed and responds to emergency call outs. 

Digs trenches and lays conduit and vaults. Splices wire and cables. 

Inspects, tests, calibrates and adjusts various controls or meters used in the electrical system.

Operates a variety of equipment and trucks, and the use of attached equipment such as power diggers, winches or cranes. 

Installs and maintains underground  overhead wiring systems as required. Provides temporary power connection for contractors. 

Installs and connects wire, meters and other electrical services on customer premises.

Trims trees and branches.

Maintains safety practices and procedures.

Keeps inventory, time and material records, as assigned; stocks service vehicles as required.

Performs semi-skilled utility work in the reading and operation of utility meters. Traverses assigned routes and operation of utility meters. Traverses assigned routes and takes readings of meter dials; records reading on meter cards or inputs data into hand-held micro-computing device to provide needed information for utility billing or other related action; notes any usual changes in consumption, location or malfunctions such as leaks or damaged meters.

Inspects meters and connections for defects, damage and unauthorized connection or use; reports findings to supervisor. 

Rechecks readings as needed to determine abnormal consumption patterns and analyze possible causes for fluctuation or consumption. 

Assists in the maintenance and repair or meters; replaces defective meters; tests meters for accuracy.

Maintains assigned tools and equipment. Performs other duties as assigned. 


Ensures equipment is in proper working order.

Responds to customer complaints.

Responds to work orders for utility disconnections, reconnections, new orders, and other service requests as assigned. Assists in the analysis and improvement of assigned routes.


Works under the general supervision of Dept. Supervisors.


Generally none. May exercise supervision over equipment operators, ground workers or other temporary staff as assigned. 

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Applications close on September 18th, 2023.

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